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Computers and me

Over time, I had all kinds of computers and my fun with them. These days, I mostly write software and consider it very important to be free.

The listed packages below are still maintained and some still experience active development.

Banner - print large banner
Bas - BASIC interpreter
Dehtml - remove HTML constructs from a document
Deroff - remove roff constructs from a document
GNU style and diction - analyse readability and point out poor wording
Eftpd - Elrond FTP daemon
Fe - a folding editor
Floppy User Guide - all you never wanted to know about floppy disks
Pbmadd - additional PBM tools (icotoppm, pgmclouds, pgmfract, pgmmountains, rgbpalettetoppm)
Setterm - tweak your terminal settings
Teapot - a spread sheet for Unix (now maintained by someone else)
Keep - Keep files and directories for backup purposes

A SUN IPC workstation in the 21st century

Do you remember the Sun IPC/IPX/classic workstation line? They were real nice machines. I took one into the 21st century by exchanging its mainboard against a mini-ITX board.

A new ECB system

ECB used to be one of the leading bus standards for microcomputers. I always wanted to own a ECB system, so I built my own.


I can't let go of CP/M. I tried, really. It didn't work. Here are my CP/M projects and you wouldn't believe how frequently those pages are accessed.

Cpmtools - access CP/M file systems
Crunch - compress or expand files with crunch 2.x format
Using CP/M 2.2 on YAZE with a real BIOS instead of its BIOS emulation
Using CP/M 3 on YAZE with a real BIOS instead of its BIOS emulation