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Ww 0.1

Considering the number of existing wiki engines, it is hard to believe none of them suits my needs. This is why I wrote ww:

To me, the difference between wiki wiki engines and content management systems is: Wikis use minimal markup, are simple to learn and easy to use, but limited to simple content: Just what you need for collaborative work on text documents, a quick tool for a quick job. A CMS contains very expressive markup, features a rich rights model, is hard to learn in its entirety and can produce very attractive output. Unlike the original implementation, many wikis are trying real hard to become a CMS, loosing the attractive simplicity of maintenance and use.

Does a simple tool like a wiki really need a database? I doubt it, and not employing one does not mean it has to be slow. Written in C and generating static HTML, only using CGI to edit pages, results in a very efficient implementation. The wiki directory can be indexed by a search engine or copied to a CD and browsed offline with a web browser without further measures.

A wiki should neatly integrate into the look of a web site, so all generated output must be based on templates. For a quick start, there are builtin default templates.

The source is available as a GNU zipped tape archive.